Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a temporary staffing firm?

Nope! Ourly is a two sided marketplace platform that removes the hassle of staffing agencies and directly connects companies and W2 candidates. Once a match has been made, Ourly acts as the employer of record.

How does it work?

Clients and candidates create accounts and run searches to connect with each other on open contract project roles.

Who pays what?

Candidates pay nothing to create an account and use the platform. Client's pay a 15% fee on the total payroll cost of the contractor. Current payroll costs include insurance, federal and state withholdings, payroll and time keeping fees and benefits totaling 23% (this number varies by state).

How do contractors get paid on assignment?

Contractors enter time weekly and are paid every two weeks after two weeks in arrears. Ourly handles everything else and act as of the employer of record.

Do you provide benefits?

Contractors who start an engagement with a client of Ourly will immediately start accruing Paid Time Off at the rate of 1 hour for every 17 hours worked. Up to 120 hours a year. You may choose to use your PTO balance to receive pay for Holidays or time off or safe and sick time.

Contractors are be eligible to defer into a 401k Safe Harbor plan using 401Go, after your first 60 days of a project. Ourly makes a 3% (of your pay rate) contribution to your account - it's not match - just a straight contribution.

Medical/Dental/Vision are road mapped for 2024 - stay tuned!

Do you do permanent placement?

No, but we have great friends that do. Let us know if you need an introduction!

What projects are available?

Once a candidate has created an account, projects that match your criteria by title, start date and work location will automatically show up in your Job Profile section. Don't see any projects? That just means the projects currently being searched don't match your project preferences. We never post marketing job posts or "ghost" jobs. No one is recruiting to buckets or a matrix at Only project roles that are actively being searched by clients are posted.

When should I edit my profile?

You can edit your entire profile from the Candidate Portal on the Profile tab. Found a project? Update your availability date in the Profile Tab. Found a permanent role? Pause your profile on the bottom left of the Profile Tab.